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Dark Powers

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10/25/06 01:32 am - tryder92

10/25/06 01:30 am - tryder92

10/14/06 04:03 pm - tryder92 - Who can top this?

I "borrowed" an ex- science partners thumbdrive against her will, inserted it into my USB port with relish, and With additional relish Deleted everything she ever had on there, including her important reports.

I told her afterwards I knew nothing about it, And expressed false sympathy.

5/17/26 12:15 am - tearsoftalus - Welcome!

Thank you, walkers of the midnight path, for finding your way to our nexus of nihilism, necromancy and narcissism. Please post all of your dark powers and any dark-power-related exploits here that we might use them as exemplary guidelines for aspiring nihilists, necromancers and narcissists.
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