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dark_powers's Journal

Dark Powers
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You know, we're really about power. I mean, that's about it. Generally, people who are as single-minded as we are lend themselves toward evil and darkness. Darknessocity, if you will. It's not that we're neccesarily opposed to Lightnessocity, but those who are under its influence are, by and large, ill-disposed to its use for accomplishing any means neccesary. If you look closely at the last statement, you can tell that we're pretty much deontological power-mongers.
We don't have that many exploits of which to speak, yet. We're waiting for one really powerful individual to come and lead us all to a new age of glory. We don't care what, really-- A New Bronze Age, A New Stone Age, A New Edwardian Age, whatever. The way we see it, A New Age = glory = power. Can ya dig it?
Well, I'm sad to say it, but it looks like I'm running out of room, so in summary I'd like to . . .oh look, it scrolls.
Moving on, then, the real key to dark power would have to lie in one's ability to elicit the maximum result by putting out the minimum effort. Think of it this way:
You have a taco.
I have a taco.
By eating your taco in such a flawless and powerful way, I am left with no other choice than to surrendur my taco to you, Master Consumer of Tacoflesh.
You have the equivalent value of two tacos.
I have no tacos.

That really epitomizes the kind of dark power for which we're looking, imo. Please post your dark powers and any dark-power-related-exploits.